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Industrial door, casement windows do delicate, quality assurance, is undoubtedly the first choice for people. Now a lot of projects, will find a flat open window, because the heat insulating material is not enough, some of the insulation is also good throttling, but sliding window will not lead to simple, the sliding door used in the whole system for energy saving building, formed one of the biggest weakness.


Said lock system of doors and windows, often see is the single point lock system, generally have the wind resistance of certain must, in the sliding door system, wall all the whole door lock is the limiting system, can not let the door free activity, simple push-pull system are mobile, touch the window frame is unable to move, the sinking of the window frame has not formed the structure of pressure, the locking point a sense of anti-theft is fragile, can only say that the anti-theft effect, for the whole effect, did not improve the applicability. So on the practicability of this is very important.


Industry are generally suitable Jinping open, reasonable size. When the aluminum alloy door and window sash is less than 650, the outside and the main rubber strip can produce a bump, the bump is deadly. May strip knocked out, if the part is destroyed, the main seal not aluminum alloy doors and windows of the realization of. In Europe, the use of sliding doors are many, the most common is the introversion sliding door system. The application of sliding door and simple in calculation, probably, due to the use of insulation substrate, can be insulated, but bad for the use of the substance.